Object Properties (Selected Object)

When selecting an object with one of the selection tools, you can view and modify the objects properties.

The Object Properties are split into 2 parts. The Object Menu and the Object Properties.


Object Menu

With the object menu, you will have to options to change an objects's collisions, duplicate the object, and delete the object.



The Collisions button opens the collision editor and allows you to change the boundaries of your object. You can create custom shapes to make a more precise collision boundary for your object.


Duplicates the selected object and all of its behaviours and properties associated with that object


This will delete any selected object from your scene.


Object Properties

The Object Properties allows you to quickly change and modify an objects settings. The settings visible depend on the type of object selected.


Object Name

At the very top of the Object Properties, you can see the name of your selected object. You can change an object’s name by tapping on the name. 


Object Graphic

Below the object name, you can see a graphical representation of your selected object. You can change the object’s graphic at any time by simply tapping the graphic in the Object Properties.


Object Tint

In the top left corner of the Object Graphic, you can see a button to change the selected object’s color. Tap the icon to open the Color Chooser and select a new color.


Object Color Blending

Below the object tint button, you can see a button to change the the color blending options for your object. Color blending can change how the object looks based on what's behind it. Learn more about color blending by reading the Color Blending documentation.



You can tap the Behaviors to launch the Behavior Editor. Here you can create custom game logic for your object and make it interactive or to come to life.



Object Property Tabs

The tabs along the bottom the Object Properties will switch to different property sections. Each tab will display relevant information to your object. Some tabs are disabled for certain object type.

For example, a "Graphics" object type does not have access to the first tab (General Properties).


General Properties Tab

The General Properties display settings and properties that are specific to certain object types. The properties in this tab may not be the same for all object types. This tab will appear "greyed out or inactive for objects that do not make use of this tab.

Physics Properties Tab

The physics properties tab allows you to quickly adjust various physics settings of your object. See "Physics Properties" for more information on the settings available within this tab.

Transform Tab

The transform tab allows you to modify and fine tune various transformation settings of your object. This includes the position, rotation, scale, order and the flip. See the "Transform" article for more information on the settings in this tab.

Attributes Tab

You can view or add custom attributes for your object in the Attributes tab. You can learn more about Attributes in the "Object Attributes" article. 

Object Tags Tab

You can view or add custom tags for your object in the Object Tags tab. You can learn more about Tags in the "Object Tags" article. 



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