Color Chooser

The color chooser is what you will use anytime you’re dealing with colors. It will come up when you need to set a background color or change the objects tint.


1) Selected Color: The very top section shows your current selected color. A checkered pattern is shown to represent the opacity of your color.

The letters and numbers show the selected color as Hexadecimal (hex) Values. If you tap this area, you can manually enter a hex value for any colour you want. You can even enter names for popular Web Colors.

2) Color Picker: This area allows you to select a color based on the current hue chosen using the Hue Slider.

3) Hue Slider: Allows you to change the hue of the colour. Simply slide your finger left or right to adjust the hue. 

4) Opacity Slider: The slider allows you to change how visible your object/color is. If you slide it to the left your color (and object) will be completely transparent (invisible). Sliding to the right will make your object more opaque (less transparent).

5) Color Presets:  The 10 squares on the bottom represent saved colors to use later in your project. To save a color tap and hold a square. The current color will replace the one previously saved in the square. To use a color saved in the square, simply tap the square with the color you want then press OK.


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