Object Tags

Tags can be used to reference multiple objects when creating your behaviours. For example, you can move all your clouds at once by applying the “Move To” behaviour to any object tagged as a cloud, instead of a single cloud object.


You can search for a tag. If the tag doesn’t exist, simply tap the “+” to create it.

Created Tags

You can find the list of created tags under the search box. You can tap a tag to add it to the object. An object can have multiple tags assigned. A green dot beside the tag shows that it is selected.


Tags and Behaviors

The behavior system is really smart when referencing tagged objects. Certain behaviours can pass the specific object with a tag, to the next behaviour which references the same tag.

For example: You can create a game where your character can picks up coins, and each coin that the character touches disappears.

To do this, you would give your coins a specific tag, like COINS. 


Next, on your player character you can add a "Collided" behaviour, and reference the tag COINS.


Finally, connect a "Destroy Object" behaviour to the Collided, and make sure it references the same COINS tag.


Since the "Collided", and the "Destroy Object" behaviors reference the same tag, only the single coin that  the player collided with will be destroyed.




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