Tool Palette

The Tool Palette includes the necessary tools to modify and interact with objects in your scene.


Cycle Target Device

If you have enabled multiple devices when creating your project, you can cycle through the different aspect ratios by tapping on this button. The button icon will change based on the aspect ratio you switch to. For more information on Aspect Ratios, view the article Designing for multiple devices. 




With the grid enabled, you can move an object around with your finger and it will snap the centre of the object to the visual grid. At the default zoom level each grid square is an area of 1 meter (32 pixels). As you zoom in (pinching your fingers) the grid is broken down further allowing for more precise movements.


Pan Tool

With the Pan Tool toggled, you can use your finger to move around to different positions in your creations. This means you don’t have to accidentally move objects around when you’re moving around in your scene.


Multi Select

With the multi Select tool toggled, you can press and drag your finger to  create a selection box that will select multiple objects in the indicated area.

With box select tool, tap and drag to select objects



With the select/move tool enabled, you can tap any object to select it. To move an object use your finger to drag the object anywhere on your canvas.




Stamp Tool

The Stamp tool allows you to easily clone objects. There are two steps involved to use the Stamp Tool.

Step 1

First you must copy or cut an object while the Select or Move tools are toggled. To do this, press and hold an object to bring up the context menu and choose copy or cut.


Context Menu when pressing and holding on an object

Step 2

Next select the stamp tool so you can start tapping on the canvas to drop the copied object around. This will automatically copy/cut paste the object with all of its behaviours where ever you choose.

You can also copy objects across scenes. Just copy the object you want, switch scenes, and start stamping.


To hide the Tool Palette, just swipe left on it. To Bring it back, tap on the tab that appears on left side of the screen.



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