A Client. All socket behaviours will need a client to perform operations with since this behaviour is the gate keeper to your server. It stores all your settings and necessary server information and also handles all incoming and outgoing traffic, then routes to other necessary behaviours (connect, emit, event).



URL The URL of the server.
Parameters Key values that will be passed in with the connection.
Headers Adds custom headers to the initial request.
Namespace The namespace to connect to. Default is '/'
Path If the server uses a custom path. By default it is /
Secure with TLS If the connection should use TLS. Default is off.



This behavior has no outputs.


Use this behaviour if you want to make real-time bidirectional event-based communication like multiplayer games, chat apps, etc.



Authenticate OAuth

Connect to Socket

Emit to Socket

Get OAuth Credentials

Get Socket Status

HTTP Request

Open URL

Remove OAuth Credentials

Socket Event

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