Broadcast Message


Broadcast a value to all Receive Message behaviors that are listening to the event or all Receive Message behaviors in an object listening to the event.



Triggers Immediately

Event Key This is the key that is going to be receiving this message.
Broadcast Value

The message you want to send to all the Receive Message behaviors.


By default, this will broadcast to all Receive Message behaviors listening to the event. If toggled off, the behavior will broadcast to all Receive Message behaviors in a specified object instead.

Broadcast to Object

You can select object(s) to broadcast the event to when Global is toggled off.



This behavior has no outputs.



If you want to tell a specific object that it should increase its own health, you would add a Receive Message behavior to that object with the key "increase health" and toggle off global. Then you want to select the specific object to broadcast the event to. The Event Key for this would also be "increase health" and the Broadcast Value would be how much you want to increase the health by.



Receive Message




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