Color Blending

Color Blending will change the appearance of your object based on its color and the color of the object behind it. Changing the color blending mode can give your graphics a unique look that really makes your scene come to life.

To change the blending mode, simply tap the color blending icon (  ) in the Object Properties and select the desired blending mode.


There are 5 different modes to choose from.

Normal: Your object appears exactly as you designed it.

Dodge: Your object will be used to lighten anything behind it. This is a great effect to simulate glowing lights like street lamps for flashlights. Use this for object that are projecting light.

Burn: This is the opposite of Dodge. It will darken anything behind your object.

Screen: Similar to Dodge, this will lighten the colors of anything behind your object.

Disable Blending: As the title suggests, this one removes all blending options. This includes any transparency or alpha channels for your object. You typically only want to use this if you need to disable transparency and increase performance.


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