Create a new App on iTunes Connect

So far you've created an App ID, generated a Distribution Certificate and a Provisioning Profile. Now you're going to create an App on iTunes Connect using the App ID you created before.


Create a New App on iTunes Connect

First you have to sign in to iTunes Connect with your Apple Developer Account.

Click on My Apps.


Click the + in the top left corner and click on New iOS App.

Fill in the form and press create. The Bundle ID is going to be the App ID you created before.


Fill the Metadata for the App

This next section won't have any screenshots because it is specific to the needs of your app. Simply fill out the form and frequently save your progress so that you don't lose any data.


Set the Price and Availability Date

After filling out the metadata, click on Pricing to set the pricing and the date your app will be available when your app gets approved.


Where To Go From Here

Now that you've successfully created your App and filled in your metadata, you can setup your Xcode project build settings! Click here to setup your Xcode project's build settings.




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