Project Menu

The Project menu is where you can view your scenes, overlays, and exit the editor. To open the Project Menu, pressing the hyperPad Menu button in the corner.

Scenes & Overlays

The Project Menu has two collapsible sections. Scenes, and Overlays. These sections allow you to add, rearrange, or switch to any scene or overlay. You can learn more about Scenes and Overlays HERE

If you need to rearrange a scene or overlay you can press and hold your finger on the title, then drag it up or down to it's new position in the list.


You can exit your creation by pressing the Exit button. hyperPad continuously saves your project as you're working on it. When exiting, hyperPad will save all your remaining changes so you don’t need to worry about constantly saving.
If you have Cloud Backups enabled for your project, the newest version will immediately be backed up and uploaded to the hyperPad cloud when you exit.


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