Automatic Cloud Backups

When you create a new project you will have the option of allowing Automatic Cloud Backups (this toggle is on by default).

If the Automatic Cloud Backups toggle is on, then each time you're done working on your project and you save and quit, hyperPad will automatically upload your backup to your account.

Each basic hyperPad account gets 500 Megabytes of storage. PRO users get 10 Gigabytes of storage. You can view your backups and available storage by selecting "My Cloud Backups" from the hyperPad menu.


Managing Backups:

You can view and manage your backups by selecting My Cloud Backups from the hyperPad Menu.


Along the top of the "My Backups" page, you can see how much free space is available, and the option to upgrade to a PRO account for more storage and features. (Learn more about hyperPad Pro accounts HERE). 


Next you will see an icon representing each backed up project. If your project is available in the hub the icon is automatically loaded from there, otherwise a standard project icon is used.

You can swipe this area to show more projects if they are not visible.

Tapping the icon of your project will display the number of times it has been backed up and the option to get the most recent version, or to delete all backups for that project.


If you need to restore to an older backup, you can continue to scroll down and see the list of all backed up versions. From the list you can restore, or delete an individual version.


Remember: Deleting a specific backup will only delete that one entry in the list. The Delete All Backups option will delete everything in this list.

Deleting backups can not be undone, so make sure you really want to delete them!


If you disable Automatic Cloud Backups, there is no way we can retrieve your project incase it is ever lost or damaged! 


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