Pivot Attach


The Pivot Attach behavior will create a pivot point between to objects. This allows your attached object to rotate freely. Think of this behaviour like attaching a wheel to another object. 

This behavior will Trigger an event immediately. 



Triggers Immediately

Object A

This is the object you want to attach and will freely rotate. By default this is the current object selected. You can change this to any other object in your scene.

Object B

This is another object in your scene to anchor the pivot to. 

Eg. Object A would be the wheel, Object B would be the car body.

Attach Point

This is the specific X and Y location on Object B where Object A will be attached to. 

You can enter the numbers manually, or visually by moving the blue target when selecting Object B.

Pivot Type

Motor: Object A will move on its own at the specified speed.

Pin: The center of Object A will be anchored to Object B, allowing Object A to spin freely. The rotation of Object A can be affected by outside forces and other objects.

Attachments Collide

This toggle specifies where or not the two attached objects can collide with each other. Depending on the collision shape of the objects, this may interfere with the rotation of your object.

Motor Speed

This will be how fast Object A rotates. This is mesaured in Rotations Per Minute (RPM). The default value is 0.

*This field is only available if the "Motor" Pivot Type is selected.

Set Rotary Limit

This will restrict how much Object A can rotate around its center axis.

You can drag the A and B fields visually to select the maximum degrees it can rotate, or enter them manually.

The default values are


*This field is only available if the "Pin" Pivot Type is selected. 



Object A ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object A.

Object B ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object B.



If you've built a physics car, you can use pivot attach to add wheels to the body and set the motor speed to a value greater than 0 so it can start driving on its own.



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