Rope Attach


The Rope Attach behavior will create visible (or invisible) rope and attach 2 selected objects. 

This behavior will trigger an event immediately. 



Triggers Immediately

Object A

This is the first object you want to attach. By default this is the current object selected. You can change this to any other object in your scene.

Object B

This is another object in your scene, it will be attached to Object A by a rope.

Attach Point

This is the specific X and Y location on each object where the attachment will be. Eg, the hand. on your character. 

You can enter the numbers manually, or visually by moving the blue target when selecting Object A or B from the behavior properties.


This is the length of the rope between the two objects. Entering a large number will create a rope with a lot of slack.

Leaving this field blank will create a rope the size of the current distance between Object A and Object B.


Rope Color

This is the color of your rope. You can select a color visually with the color picker, or enter a HEX value.

Rope Width

This is the thickness of the rope measured in pixels.

The default value is 0px.

Attachments Collide

This toggle specifies where or not the two attached objects can collide with the rope. This means the rope itself can potentially stop your objects from moving.



Object A ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object A.

Object B ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object B.



If you want an object to hang from a platform, you would set the platform as Object A, and the desired hanging object as Object B.  Then set the length to 3 meters and your object will now be suspended from the platform by 3 meters. 



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