Set Animation Speed


The Set Animation Speed behavior will allow you to change the playback FPS (Frames Per Second) of your animating object, resulting in changing the speed and smoothness of the animation.

This behavior will trigger an event immediately.



Object A

This is the objects animation speed you want to change. By default the current object is selected, you can change this to any other object in your scene.

Frames Per Second (FPS) This is how many animation frames will play within one second. This can affect the speed, and smoothness of your animation playback. 


Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.




If you need to speed up the playing animation you can increase the FPS. Eg. If you have a 60 frame animation, and want to play it twice as fast set it to 120 fps. This means it will play back your animation at the rate of 120 frames per second.



Play Animation

Pause Animation

Resume Animation

Stop Animation





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