Play Animation


The Play Animation behavior will allow your selected object to play a keyframe animation cycle. You can select a pre-made animation cycle, or create one from individual image frames.


Note: If your object an animation frames are not the same shape or size, the objects collision/bounding box will not change. This means if your animation frames are physically larger, your object collision shape will remain the same size even if the playing animation appears visually larger.

This behavior will trigger an event every time the animation sequenced has finished or looped.



Triggers Immediately

Object A

This is the object you want to animate. By default the current object is selected. You can change this to any other object in your scene.


This is the animation you want to play. When selecting this an animation strip will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can add a pre-made animation cycle from the asset library, or add individual images/frames to the strip.

Animation Priority

You can prioritize the animation animations so it does not conflict with another playing animation. The animation system will play a cycle with a higher priority. So if another animation is interrupting your desired animation, try increasing the priority on the one you want to play.

Frames Per Second (FPS)

This is how many animation frames will play within one second. This can affect the speed, and smoothness of your animation playback.

Reverse Animation

If this toggle is on it will play the animation frames in reverse order.

By default, this toggle is off.

Loop Animation

If this toggle is on, your animation will repeat when it's done. 

By default, this toggle is on.

Restore Frame

When this toggle is on, it will restore the last frame of the previous animation. If there was no previous animation it will restore to the original object graphic. IF the toggle is off, the last frame of the animation will stay instead.

By default, this toggle is on.

Skip if Animating

When this toggle is on, the animation will not play if your object is already playing another animation.

By default, this toggle is off.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



You can use this behavior to make an object play an animation.

Download Example Project 



Pause Animation

Resume Animation

Set Animation Speed

Stop Animation




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