Set Color


The Set Color behavior will change the color of your object. This will will essentially tint the color of your existing graphic. So if your graphic already has various colors, this will simply add a tint to it. White graphics produce the best results.

This behavior will Trigger an event once it has completed the color change.



Triggers on Completion

Object A

This is the object that will have the new color set. By default the current object is selected, but you can tap the graphic and choose any other object in your scene.


The effect used for the transition if the duration is greater than zero.



This is the color you want to change your graphic to. You can visually select a new color from the color picker, or enter a HEX value.

Change Secondary

If this toggle is enabled, it will change the color of the secondary graphic of an object instead. For health bars, this will affect the bar of the object and for joysticks, this will affect the joystick ball of the object.



This behavior does not have any outputs.



If your player gets hurt, you can use set color to flash a red tint on your player. Additionally, a great use for set color is to create dynamic UIs. For example, you want a UI that the user can select a color style. Create your entire UI using white graphics and shades (no colors), then use the Set Color to give it a unique look.



Get Color




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