Modify Array



Lets you modify an array by perpending, inserting, appending, swapping or deleting the values in the array.



Triggers Immediately

Array Type

Behaviour: Perform the function on an Array Behaviour

Value: Perform the function on a JSON formatted value. when entering a dictionary JSON value, the array will be the list of keys in the Dictionary.


Prepend Value: Insert a value at the first index (index 0) of the array.

Insert Value: Insert a value at the specified index of the array. Note that the first value would have to be index 0. Eg. If you have an array with values [cat, dog] inserting 'pickles' at index 1 would result in [cat, pickles, dog]. Note 2, if you try to insert a value that is not in the bounds of the array, the array will not be modified. Eg. inserting 'pickles' at index 10, when the array only has 2 items.

Append Value: Insert a value at the end of the array.

Replace Value: Replaces a value with another value at the specified index.

Set Array: Removes all values from the array and inserts the values from another specified array.

Swap Value: Swaps the indexes of specified items in the array. Eg. If you have [cat, dog, pickles]. swapping indexes 1 and 2 will result in [cat, pickles, dog]. Note, when trying to swap values that are not in the bounds of the array, the array will not be modified.

Delete First Value: Removes a value from a specified index in the array. Note, trying to remove a value from an index not in the bounds of the array will not modify the array.

Delete Last Value: Removes the last value in the Array.

Delete All Values: Clears out the entire array.



Outputs the values in the modified array.




If you have an array that represents a deck of cards, removing the first value in the array will be like removing the top card from the deck.




Box Container


Get Array Value

Get Dictionary Value

Modify Dictionary




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