Device Identifier

The Device Identifier behavior outputs pertinent information of the device such as software version and device type.

Output Field Description
System Name

The name of the device's operating system.

(iOSMacOS, etc.)

System Version

The version of the device's operating system.

(13.1, 14.0, etc.)

Device Type

The type of device. Outputs one of the four types.

  • Tablet - iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.
  • Phone - iPhones, Google Pixel, etc.
  • Computer - Macbooks, Laptops, etc.
  • TV - Apple TV, Samsung TV, etc.

If the type of device cannot be deciphered, the behavior will output Unknown.

Device Theme

Whether the device interface theme is in Dark mode or Light mode.


Example: Touchscreen vs. Computer
Hide touch controls when playing on a computer or a TV.



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