Set Cursor Style

The Set Cursor Style behavior changes the appearance of the mouse pointer.

⚠️ Warning: This feature is only fully supported on iOS 15.0 and above.


Style Type Description

The default mouse style. On iOS, this is a circle with a fixed size. Note that this can vary between operating systems and devices.


The mouse is visibly hidden from view but it is still active.



The cursor will morph into a rounded rectangle. You can specify the rectangle's bounding box and corner radius.



The cursor will morph into a thin line. You can specify the beam's length and axis.

Custom Shape


The cursor will morph into any shape you specify. The input is an array of points of the polygon to describe the shape. (0, 0) will be the center of the cursor.


Demo of the Set Mouse Behavior in action.


Example: Custom Mouse Cursor
You can hide the cursor and have a custom graphic that follows the cursor.



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