Part 2: Importing your assets

Now that you have created your project, it's time to start importing your assets and putting your first game together.

For this guide, we'll use free assets from the hyperPad Asset Shop. You can also use your own custom created graphics if you wish, see the "Importing Assets" tutorial on importing your custom assets.


When the editor launches, you will see a grey area in the middle of the screen. This is the Canvas. The grey box outline represents the visible area. Anything within the box will be visible when you run your game.




Along the bottom of the editor, you will see the "ObjectDock". Once you start adding assets to your project, the dock will be populated with your most recently used assets. You can learn more by reading the Object Dock help documentation.


Press the Drawer Icon button on the far right to open the Asset Library. There are already folders created for you to help organize your content. By default most of these folders are empty, and there just to help create some organization.


On the left side of the Asset Library you can see different options to import and manage assets. For this guide, we'll be adding assets from the hyperPad Asset Shop. To open the Asset Shop tap the shopping cart icon labeled "Get Assets".


Locate the assets you need. For this guide, we'll be using the "Platformer Starter Kit", which includes everything you need to start your game.


To download an asset from the shop, tap the asset you want. After tapping the desired asset you are redirected to the Asset Page, where you can see screenshots and a detailed description.


From the Asset Page, tap "Get" to start the download process. 


Once the download has completed, your new assets will be located in a "Downloads" folder in your Asset Library. If you want, you can organize your newly downloaded assets by pressing and holding your finger on the asset and selecting the "Move To Folder" option from the popup.



 Thats it for this tutorial. In Part 3, you will learn how to actually use these assets to build your first level!




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