Archive App and Submit to Apple

In the last article, you learned how to add icons to your project and change the display name. In this last tutorial, you are going to bundle up your project, submit your build to iTunes Connect and submit to the Apple App Store! To get started open up your Xcode project.

Archive Your App

The first thing that we're going to do is archive your app. To do this, choose a real device, or select iOS Device in the scheme selector.

Now simply press Product in the top tool bar and then press Archive. Archiving will take a while so you have to be patient with this step.

After the project has finished archiving, a window will pop up. Click the App that was just archived and press Submit to App Store....

Simply follow the wizard and wait for it to upload!


Submit the Build

Now for the final step! After 20 minutes or so, your build should be available on iTunes Connect, so go ahead and sign in -> My Apps -> Click on your app.


Scroll down to the Build section and press the + button.

Choose the build that you just created.

Now press Submit for Review!


Submitting App For Review

iTunes will ask you some questions about your app in terms of cryptography export compliance, use of third party content rights, and use of the Advertising Identifier.

For your hyperPad project, there is no cryptography going on, so you can select No.

If you're using third party content, let them know by checking yes. Otherwise you can select no.

Finally, for your hyperPad project, select Yes to the Advertising Identifier question and check the boxes listed below:

The reason for this is that the Google Analytics framework uses the Advertising Identifier. You need to check this even though you aren't using Google Analytics in your hyperPad project.



You can finally press submit and you are done! You've submitted your app for review! Your app will be reviewed by Apple to see if you've followed their guidelines and regulations. The App review process can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks so be patient while they review your App!

When they've reviewed your app you will get an email telling you whether it has been approved or denied. If your app was denied, they will explain to you how to fix your issue. Otherwise in a few hours, your app will be downloadable in the App Store!

Hopefully, this tutorial has done its job explaining how to submit your app to the App Store. Congratulations, you're ready to start earning revenue!



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