Storing Values

Box Containers

With hyperPad you can store values and data using "Box Containers". Box Containers are similar to variables found in traditional programming languages.

Box Containers are not like regular behaviors. They are not Actions or Events. You can not connect a box container to an event. They are independent to the rest of your behavior logic. For organization purposes you can connect Box Containters to "Behavior Bundles".

With a Box Container, you can temporarily store numbers or text to use with another behavior at a later time.

Box Containers can also receive values from multiple sources, but only store the last value entered or updated.

Once a value has been stored, or updated you may need to re-execute any behaviours using the box container. If you don't execute the behaviors again, you may not notice any visible changes.

For example: If you are changing a label based on a box container. You need to execute the "Change Label" behavior after you update or store a value in the box container.


Value Behavior

The "Value" behavior is similar to the box container, however  it is an Action and the value is only stored once executed by an event. Unlike Box Containers, a Value behavior can only store a value from a single source.



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