Setting Up GameAnalytics

The first thing we’re going to do is sign into GameAnalytics. Just hit the Login button if you already have a GameAnalytics account, otherwise sign up to make one by pressing Sign Up.




Signing In For The First Time

When signing in to GameAnalytics for the first time, you should be prompted with this screen. What we want to do from here is hit Add game.




Setting Up Analytics For Your Game

We are going to be prompted with a pop-up to set up our game's analytics profile. These will be a few simple settings to get us started with GameAnalytics.




1. Choose Title And Platform

If your game is already on the App Store, you can search for it by its title.

If your game is not yet on the App Store, select "My game is not available in an app store" to skip this step and add your game's information manually. Enter your game's title and select iOS as the platform, then click Next.


2. Enter Bundle Identifier

If your game has an app store bundle ID, you can enter it here. If not, you can leave this blank and click Next.


3. Enter Benchmark Genres

You should now be prompted to enter the genres that best suit your game. When you're done here, click Add Game to continue.


4. Get Your Game Key And Secret Key

You should now be redirected to your game's analytics profile. There you can find your Game Key and Secret Key on the right. You will need both of these entered in hyperPad, so keep note of them.




If you lose track of them, they can be found in the Settings page on your game's analytics profile.



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