Entering the Tracking ID

To start tracking data, we are going to have to enter the Tracking ID from google analytics. To do this, we need to go into the Global Properties.

First we are going to open the Creation Menu from the Top Tool bar in the Main Editor.



Next, we will tap the Global Properties button to bring up the creation wide settings.

Enter the Tracking ID

Next, Enter the tracking ID that we got from Google Analytics into the Analytic ID field. If you don’t have your ID, follow the instructions in the Setting Up Google Analytics post.


With that we can already start tracking data. By entering the tracking ID, hyperPad will automatically start tracking your users’ sessions.

From the session, you can see how long people are playing your creation, which scene people are in the most, how many people reach a certain scene, how many people come back to play your creation, etc. You can even see how many people are currently playing your creation at that exact second in real time! You can get tonnes of information just from your user’s session alone.

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