Tracking Data

What to Track

In this example, we want to see if any interactive objects are being ignored. We can track an event to see if anyone will touch the coin in our scene. If no one does, then people may not know that the coin is interactive, and may have to adjust how obvious to make the object.


Track Event Behavior

Lets dive into the behaviours of the coin and track the event.

1. The Track Event behaviour is in the Custom category.

2. Add the Track Event behaviour onto the canvas.

3. Connect the Started Touching behaviour to the Track Event behaviour to track the event that the player touches the coin.

Right now we aren’t tracking anything so we need to tell the behaviour what we’re tracking.


Tell Analytics What We Are Tracking

We need to tell Google Analytics what we are tracking for the event to show up in the analytics web portal.

1. The Event will act as the event category. This will be the description of the event that will show up in Google Analytics.

2. The value can be anything that you want to group into the event category. This can be a score, a box container, a label, pretty much anything. In this case, we are describing the attribute of the coin, telling Google Analytics that it is the first coin that the user encountered.

We are finally ready to start analyzing our data! Whenever someone plays the game from the App Store or the Creation Browser, our creation will automatically start sending the data to Google Analytics.

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