Analyzing the Data

When pressing the home button on the Google Analytics web portal, we are presented with our creation. Hit All Mobile App Data for the game to start analyzing the data. Before we continue, it should be noted that it may take a day or two to start analyzing meaningful data, since it takes a while for the data to be collected. So we will be taking a look at Real-Time data to go over some key concepts.




This side bar presents a bunch of different reports that Google Analytics creates. The one we are going to take a look at is Real-Time reports. So go ahead and hit Overview.



Real-Time Overview

This screen tells us how many people are currently playing my creation, which version of the app they are using, the location they are from, and the scene (Screen) that the users are on.

In this case, I have one person playing my creation from Canada and they are on Level 1! Lets go see if they’ve collected the coin in the creation! To do this, look at the Standard Reports menu on the left, and click on Events in the Real-Time category.


Real-Time Events

Success! Our user from Canada has collected a Coin! But before we get our hopes up, lets check which coin they’ve collected. To do this click on the Event in the Event Category.

Excellent! It says that the’ve collected the First Coin!

Now, obviously in the real world we would to see more data from more players to determine if our game is too difficult. But we’ve gained a solid foundation of setting up analytics tracking for our games! We’ve only scratched the surface with Google Analytics, so don’t be afraid to explore the many features that Google provides. There are lots of online resources and tips of making full use of Google Analytics and looking into those maybe a good idea.

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