Swipe Gesture


Trigger an event when your finger swipes on a specified object or the screen. This behavior will trigger an event once a swipe has been detected.


Object A

This is the object you want to check if a finger has swiped on. By default the current object is selected, but you can choose any object in your scene.

Swipe on Anything

This toggle will change the behavior to trigger an event when you swipe anywhere on screen.

Swipe Direction

Select a swipe direction that should be detected. If necessary, you can pick a custom direction to swipe at any angle.

Detection Range

(Custom Swipe Direction) How accurate the swiping directions have to be to be detected. A larger detection range is easier to trigger than a smaller detection range.

Trigger on Release

If enabled, the swipe will be detected once the finger is lifted off the object / screen. If disabled, the swipe will be detected as you are swiping.

Trigger Consecutively

(Trigger on Release disabled) If enabled, you will be able to trigger the swipe again without having to lift your finger.

Swipe Threshold

How far or how fast you will need to move your finger for a swipe to be registered.



Object ID


This outputs the Object ID.



When you swipe right on an object, the object can move right.




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