Set Behavior State


Perform an action on a behavior during runtime. You can disable, enable, toggle or execute a behavior.



Triggers Immediately

Behavior This is the behavior you want to perform an action on. You can either select a predefined behavior or dynamically reference a behavior by name.

Select the action you want to perform on the behavior.

  • Execute: Triggers the behavior only if it is currently enabled.
  • Enable: Enable any disabled behavior in the scene. If the execute behavior toggle is enabled, it will trigger the behavior as soon as it is enabled.
  • Disable: Disable any active behavior in the scene and stop it from executing.
  • Toggle: Toggle the behavior's active state (whether it is enabled or disabled). If the behavior is disabled, it will be enabled, and vice versa.



This behavior has no outputs.



If you want to temporarily prevent a behavior to trigger, you can use this behavior to disable it.



Behavior Bundle


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