Set Sound Settings


The Set Sound Settings behavior will instantly change the properties of a sound effect when triggered. This behavior will trigger other behaviors immediately. This doesn't override the settings in the Play Sound behavior - this only applies to sounds that are already playing.



Triggers Immediately


The sound playing from the selected behavior will be affected. Select a Play Sound behavior.


Set how loud or quiet you want the sound to continue playing at. The default is 100.


Set the balance of the device speakers. This will change how much sound plays from the left or right speaker. 

0 is the center, negative numbers imply left speaker, positive number imply right speaker.

eg. -100 will play from the left speaker only.


Choose how high or low you want the sound to continue playing at.

The higher the number, the higher the pitch for the sound.

The default value is 100.



This behavior does not have any outputs.



You can have a sound source change in volume depending on the player's distance to the sound source. You can set up a Timer that triggers the Calculate Distance behavior and the output of the Calculate Distance behavior can be used to determine the volume which can be used in the Set Sound Settings behavior.



Stop All Sound Effects

Play Sound




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