Close Overlay


The Close Overlay behavior will close the currently open overlay immediately. It will also un pause any overlay or scene behind it.

Overlays are like scenes but they can run on top of your current scene. You can learn more in the Overlays documentation.

This behavior will trigger an event immediately.




Select an animation motion tween to play while the overlay closes. This will animate the entire contents of the overlay out of the scene. Eg. You can make your overlay fade out.


If the overlay is set to preload (Developer feature only) you can unload it from memory once it closes. This frees up memory usage and can increase performance.

Resume All

If this toggle is on, all overlays and the scene behind the current overlay will continue to run as soon as the current overlay is closed.



This behavior has no outputs. 



If you opened an overlay using the Load Overlay behavior you can now close it.



Load Overlay

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