Start Particles


The Start Particles behavior will start and play a selected particle effect on top of your object. If you need to stop the particle from playing you can use disable the behavior using Set Behavior State or disable the object using the Disable Object behavior.

This behavior will trigger an event after a delay (when the particle is done playing it's iteration).



Triggers after a Delay

Object A

This is the object that will be playing the particle effect. By default the current object is selected, but you can change this to any other object in your scene.


Select a particle effect from the asset library.


The anchor is the X and Y position on the selected object where the particle will emit from. 

You can enter the X and Y position manually, or visually select a position by moving the blue target when selecting Object A. 

The default position is in the center (x:50%, y:50%)


This is the rotation of the particle emitter. This will change the direction that the particles emit from.

You can drag your finger on the circle to select the angle, or enter your angle manually by tapping "Change Manually".

Rotate with Parent

Forces the entire particle effect to rotate with the object that it's assigned to (Object A). So if your object starts spinning, your particle emitter will also spin.

By default, this toggle is off.

On Top

Toggle wether or not the particles will appear on top or behind the selected object graphic (Object A).

By default, this toggle is on.


Toggle wether or not the particle will loop playback. If this toggle is on your particle will start again once it has finished.

If this toggle is on, an event will be triggered on each iteration of the loop.


By default, this toggle is off.

Repeat Count

If the Loop toggle is off, you can enter how many times you want the particle to repeat itself before stopping.

Each time it repeats it will trigger an event.

By default the value is 0, so it will not repeat again.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



If you want to show an explosion effect when you destroy an object you can use this behavior. How ever, make sure you play the particle before the object is destroyed or the particle may never play!



Start Trail

Stop Visual Effects




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