Set Layer Visibility


The Set Layer Visibility behavior will hide or show a selected layer when executed.

This behavior will trigger an event immediately.



Triggers Immediately


Select a layer you wish to hide.

  • Predefined - Select an existing layer.
  • Dynamic - Reference a layer by name. Note that you cannot reference the Global UI and Scene UI layers dynamically.
Hide Layer

The layer will no longer be visible in your scene, but all behaviors, physics and events will continue to run on the hidden layers. You will not be able to interact with or touch any objects on a hidden layer.

Show Layer

The layer will become visible and you will be able to interact with objects again on the specified layer.



This behavior does not have any outputs. 



You can use this to hide the UI layers during cut scenes or non-gameplay moments. This way the Joystick or other buttons are not on screen.



Move to Layer


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