Count Down


The Count Down behavior will turn a label into a count down timer. It will count down every second starting from a specified amount then trigger an event.

This behavior will trigger an event after a timed delay.



Triggers after a Delay

Object A

This is the label will be be used as the count down timer. If there is a label on your UI layers it will automatically be selected. If you do not have a label object make sure to add one and then select it here.


This will be the duration of the count down. An event will be triggered when the count down reaches 0.

Whole Numbers

By default, the countdown will count down from whole numbers. If toggled off, the countdown will include digits after the decimal place.

Number of Decimal Places

Whole Numbers disabled only - the amount of digits to display after the decimal place.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



You can create a count down timer that will automatically end your game when it reaches 0.




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