Add to Score


The Add to Score behavior will turn a label into a score counter. It will increase or decrease your counter and update the label to show the new value each time this behaviour is executed.

This behavior will trigger an event once it has met the specified condition.



Triggers Once on Event

Object A

This is the label will be increased or decreased. If there is a label on your UI layers it will automatically be selected. If you do not have a label object make sure to add one and then select it here.

Add By

This is the amount to add to the counter.

Infinte Score

This toggle will cause the behavior to not trigger an event and your score label/counter will increase for ever.

By default, this toggle is off.

Event When Score Reaches

If the infinite score toggle is off, the behavior will trigger an event when the score reaches this number.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



You can create a score counter to increase every time you collide with a coin. 




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