Set Life Indicator


The Set Indicator behavior will set, add or subtract the number of displayed lives by a specified amount. 

This behavior will trigger an event immediately when executed. 



Triggers Immediately

Object A

This is the life indicator that will be overwritten. If there is life indicator object on your UI layers it will automatically be selected. If you do not have a life indicator object make sure to add one and then select it here.

  • Set Lives - Set the numbers of lives of the life indicator.
  • Add Lives - Add the number of lives to the life indicator.
  • Subtract Lives - Subtracts the number of lives from the life indicator.
  • Set Lives per Row - Sets the amount of lives that can be displayed per row.
Unlimited Lives

By default, the life indicator can have unlimited lives. When toggled off, you can define the maximum number of lives the life indicator can have.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



You can set the players lives to 3 every time the level starts.



Get Life Indicator




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