Text Input


The Text Input behavior will bring up an alert view and allow the user to enter text. It will trigger an event once the user presses ok, and will output the text the user has entered.

This behavior will trigger once on event.




The title displayed on top of the alert pop up. By default the title is "Enter Text".


A message for the player. This can be an instruction of some kind.

Default Text

This is the text that is already entered for the layer. You can leave it blank so that the keyboard input starts off with no characters. 

Pause Scene

You can choose to pause the scene while the player is typing. You will typically want to pause the scene unless the player is doing a time sensitive action like answer a test question or entering a pass code.


User Text

This is the text that was entered by the user after they pressed OK.



You can ask the player for their name and use it through out the game. 





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