Text Bubble


The Text Bubble behavior will show a text bubble on your object when executed.

This behavior will trigger an event once the bubble has completed.



Triggers on Completion

Object A

This is the label the object that will display the text bubble. 

By default the current object is selected, but you can tap the graphic and choose any other object in your scene.


The X and Y location on your selected object for where the text bubble will appear. You can enter numbers manually, or visually select a location by moving the target in the object selector screen.


This is the text to display in the bubble


This is how long the bubble will appear on screen for

Text Bubble Width

This is how wide your text bubble will appear. You may need to adjust this to make your text fit within the bubble.

Set Font


If this toggle is on you will be shown settings to adjust the font of the text.


Font: This is the font for the label. You can select any font form your asset library, or import a new system font or custom font. 

Font Color: The color of the text to appear within the bubble

Font Size: This how large the text will appear in the bubble.

Set Graphic

If this toggle is on you will be shown settings set a custom graphic for your bubble.


Bubble Graphic: This is the graphic that will be used for your bubble background. For best results you should use a 9 slice image.

Tail Graphic: This is thegraphic that will be used for a "tail" of your bubble.

Margins: These are adjustment settings to position the tail onto the bubble.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



Use this make a character speak, or show text. Great for hints, or dialog. 




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