Move to Object


The Move to Object behavior will move the selected object (Object A) to another specified object in your scene (Object B). Note that you can offset the position by moving the Object B anchor/target when selecting the object

This behavior will Trigger an event when it has completed moving.



Object A

This is the object that you want to move. By default the current object is selected, but you can tap the graphic and choose any other object in your scene.

Object B

This is the object you want Object A to move to. You can offset how close to move Object A by moving the blue target/anchor position when selecting Object B.


The motion tween effect used if the duration is greater than 0. 


How long it will take to move your object to the new position (in seconds).



Object A ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object A.

Object B ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object B.



If you want to move an object beside, or on top of another in your scene.



Move By

Move to Point




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