Falling State


The Falling State behavior will "watch" a selected object and trigger an event when the selected object is in a specific falling state.



Object A

This is the object that will trigger the event when it falls. By default the current object is selected, but you can tap the graphic and choose any other object in your scene.

Event Types
  • Started Falling - Trigger an event as soon as the object has started to fall.
  • While Falling - Continuously trigger an event while the object is falling.
  • Stopped Falling - Trigger an event as soon as the object stopped falling.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



  • If you create a game where you only want to collect points while your character is falling. You can add to the score while the object is falling.
  • You can play an animation when your character lands on the ground (stopped falling).


Active State

Moving State




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