Set Graphic


The Set Graphic behavior will change the graphic of a selected object to another desired graphic asset. 

Note that this does not affect the objects collision shape. Your object will still use the original collision bounding box. This means if you set a larger graphic than the original, the collision boundaries will still be the smaller original shape.

This behavior will Trigger an event immediately when executed. As soon as the behavior is executed it will set your object to the new graphic.


Object A

This is the object you want to change. By default the current object is selected, but you can tap the graphic and choose any other object in your scene.

New Graphic

This is the new graphic that your object will use when the behavior is executed.

Render Texture

Set the graphic of the object selected to use a render texture behavior as a source.

Change Secondary

If this toggle is enabled, it will change the secondary graphic of the object instead. For health bars, this will affect the bar of the object and for joysticks, this will affect the joystick ball of the object.

Preserve Transform

If this is enabled, the object's scale and position will remain the same. This is useful for things like profile icons where the icon should always visually remain the same size and in the same position.



Object ID

This outputs the Object ID.



If you have created a power-up or item and want to change your character graphic to the "powered up" version you can use the Set Graphic behavior to select the new version of your character.

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