Rotate Screen


The Rotate Screen behavior will rotate the visible screen space to your specified angle.

This behavior will trigger an event once the screen has finished rotating.




The motion tween effect used while the screen is rotation. This is only visible if the duration is greater than 0.

By default the Linear effect is selected.


This is the angle to rotate the screen to. Simply drag the cursor around the circle for your desired angle.

Tap the middle to enter the rotation degree manually.


The time it takes for the rotation to complete. The greater the duration, the longer the rotation animation takes. The rotation will smoothly tween from the current rotation to you newly specified rotation with the selected transition effect. 


This behavior does not output any values.


You can spin the screen smoothly by setting the degrees to 360, and the duration to 3. This means it will take 3 seconds to complete a 360 degree rotation.



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