Stopped Colliding


The Stopped Colliding behavior will trigger an event once your two specified objects are no longer collided with eachother. When used with tags, you can check if your object has stopped collided with multiple objects. If you don't specify an Object B to check for a collision, then this behavior will trigger when Object A no longer touches anything in your scene.

This behavior will Trigger an event once when a collision stops. 




Object A

By default this is the current object selected. You can change this to any other object in your scene.

Object B

Another object in your scene to check the collision against. If Object B is left blank then the behavior will trigger when Object A stops touching anything else in your scene.




This outputs the last known impulse of the force when Object A has collided with Object B.

Object A ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object A.

Object B ID

This outputs the Object ID of Object B.




Create Collision 

While Colliding




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